Sierra Dean


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Sierra Dean is a self-published Author of The Mountains That Made Me , Ashes Of The Past, and a Domestic Violence Advocate. She was born in St. Louis, Missouri in a single parent home with her older sister. Her mother always encouraged her to reach for the stars at a very young age. Even though her mom always believed in her, there was a point in Sierra’s life when she decided to explore the world on her own. No longer listening to the encouragement of her mother, Sierra was faced with difficult life decisions that led her into unhealthy relationships. She dealt with the pain for so many years that she began to slowly self- destruct. 

One day, Sierra picked up a journal to write about her traumatic experiences. She realized that journaling helped her release her pain of past hurt and move forward to her future. So, continued to journal to receive peace in her life and find her voice. Sierra started volunteering at domestic violence shelters to help women in transition by sharing her story. The time she spent with the women at the shelters made her realize that all women need to understand the benefits of journaling, so she founded Dean Diaries LLC.  

Sierra is passionate about inspiring women to journal their pain, hurt, grief, and happiness. Her book, The Mountains That Made Me, contains the actual journals that she wrote while in the mist of her pain. Sierra hosts Journaling Workshops to share her experiences and teach women different ways to channel their emotions through writing. She is also a sought-after speaker who encourages women to move past their pain to pursue their purpose in life. Sierra is now a Self-Publishing and Writing Coach, in which she helps people to share their stories and knowledge with the world.